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  • Anonymous asked : I'm curious. Why is your dog named Humphrey? #justrandomstragerhere

    Hmm.. I dunno. The name kinda popped into my head when I was in the bathroom and my mom asked me what to call him. =))

  • Got recently fond of Mat Kearney. I don’t know why but I kept playing his music while doing school work. Haha. Maybe it’s actually helping my mind relax. 

    Anyway, second week through the first semester and damn it’s already tiring me out. I’ve gotta get out some time soon also I really need to stop taking afternoon naps  =)))

    (Source: Spotify)

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  • Morning. Finally awake from my slumber. 

    The first semester just started, but I didn’t like how all the professors were present and started lessons immediately without giving us the week to adjust a little. We already had a series of quizzes and research papers due second week. Yea, it’s probably because we are nearing graduation so I get their enthusiasm…. for the final torture.

    But then again it’s fine, I just need to adjust and look for ways to make it a little less depressing and stressful. 

    (photo: our dog Humphrey with a very bad bed hair, before getting trimmed)

  • Blue.

    It started raining quite a few times last week and it’s really inconvenient to go out (if me and the brat were at home in Batanes then I probably wouldn’t complain much about the rain). Well the good thing it’s cooling the temperature down so it isn’t as hot as before. 

    I should be careful not to catch a cold..

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  • (First try on digital doodle & animation pfft)

    Feeling lighthearted and free this summer. No worries. No schoolwork. Yep ♥

    Hope everyone is enjoying their carefree summer break! Cheers~

  • Blessed Sunday folks!

  • Saturday, Chores Day!

    I’m trying to sound excited but hell it’s back pain leg cramps day for a lazy person such as myself. But I did say in my previous post that I’m trying to exit that kind of life so yea.. thanks to this song I’m kind of having fun doing piled chores and laundry today. Hahaha XD

    *channeling chakra energy* squeezing the last bit of it for today. 

  • Girls’ Night Out

    It’s a waste to just leave these photos stocked in my hard drive so might as well upload it here (since my Dad will slay me if I upload it on facebook and I don’t like my relatives to go and judge me like I’m some kind of party animal haha -_-)



    With Anne - my room mate who works as a pharmacist, who’s always mistaken as a high school student. 


    He was hosting* that night. Well, of course. We fell in love with him because he was hot.


    Me, Anne and Babie. I do enjoy just dancing and drinking in clubs more than flirting around =))  A big thanks to Seventh High for the good music and photos. Spent my birthday well, got robbed for liquor though.

    (late post - 2012)

  • Yellow.

    She’s Jazzmyn, my gorg cousin. We haven’t seen each other for so long. I miss her </3 

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  • 2am. Still up. Ugh.

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  • So in love with the interior of Mashitta. Had dinner here with lil bro. They have all these cafe/coffee displays but no coffee and pastries yet. Hope they’d add that to the menu though ;D

    Grainy shot. 

  • Hello again Tumblr.

    After taking a hiatus for almost half a year, I decided to indulge myself once again in social networking sites and seize being a lazy bum for good. I’ve been lost in thoughts of my existential crisis and ended up having an uneventful life for months. It’s really not healthy being a shut-in. And thanks to a friend (you know who you are *wink*) I decided to be productive and not let my days get eaten away. 

    I’ve been having trouble about not being able to do anything and that I’ve married my bed for these past couple of months so yeah.. 

    Hello again, world. Back from my slumber I guess. =))

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  • If only they’d allow it at Uni..
    I would’ve wanted to dye my hair like this.

    Hahaha. But, I guess I could just try on a wig. Meeh. :)

    (Sloppily edited)

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  • Happy Birthday to our Happy Virus! Yeollie, my human vitamin. Don’t lose your smile, stay strong! I hope I get to see you again soon.

    우리 반전 목소리 박찬열, 생일 축하해용~ ★
    Much love.

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